Cherry Tree


I planned to take a picture a week, for one year, of the cherry tree in our front garden.

My plan was to begin on my forthcoming Birthday. But this beautiful tree, which is the first image to greet me on opening the curtains in my bedroom every morning, has been fully clothed in beautiful blossom for a week already and I could not wait to begin this project. In another week most of the blossom will have given way to the new beautiful finger shaped leaves already jostling for space amongst the beautiful delicate pale pink petals.

Whilst thinking about beginning this photography project, I was reading a friend’s blog and decided to write a blog alongside the weekly photographs.

This beautiful cherry tree represents, in a microcosm, the changing seasons. It is  both a heralder of change and stability. I have come to feel pleasure and gratitude over the past five years that we have lived in our home.

We have even changed the name of our house in honour of our cherry tree, hence the name of this blog.



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