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Would like to have more time to write, but will need to settle for fitting it in where and when I am able to. So here we are in the season of Advent.

I will borrow any of the festivals that I am drawn to. I love this time of year. Indoor trees, candles counting down the days, stars, beautifully wrapped packages, friends, family, warm fires and slow days. I love bringing the outdoors inside our home, branches of holly, fir cones and logs.

As we are in our hibernation phase, cocooned, with more indoor activities, sitting round the log burner, watching familiar television programmes and cooking warming, nourishing winter meals, I am also looking forward to the opportunity to make new beginnings as a new year beckons.

Soltice gives us the opportunity to see a slow journey towards longer daylight hours and eventually Spring. Another opportunity for new beginnings!

Of course every morning we wake up gives us another chance to be grateful for the opportunity to put past mistakes behind us and reinvent ourselves. Give ourselves another opportunity to be better, do the things we didn’t manage to do the days or weeks before.

As I consider my options for this wonderful festive season, I am accutely aware of all those who are in need or alone. For those people this time of year can exacerbate their pain or loneliness.

Perhaps we can all take some actions that will help to share the available resources more equally.

Wishing you peace and blessings.