The Year Compass

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I can’t remember how I found myself in Birmingham at the wonderful Impact Hub in Digbeth, Birmingham @impacthubbrum in January 2018. I think it might have been through my friend and colleague Sam Axtell (more about Sam another time). I think she suggested that we went to a session being run by Daniel Blyden @danielyep where he was taking us through an exercise based on the Year Compass.

I will be writing more about this process at the turn of the year when the aforementioned Sam and I will be running our own Year Compass event in Wolverhampton. It was a fun session, connecting with people I hadn’t met before and some that I had. During the session we created a vision board. I had never undertaken this exercise before, I had never wanted to manifest a fast car and I had only connected using a vision board in this way. How wrong I had been! We each got stuck in to cutting out and sticking pictures that helped us to create a pictorial representation of our workbook. I brought my vision board home, completed it and left it near my desk.

A few weeks passed and eventually I decided to stick it above my bed and there it stayed. A month or so went by and I hadn’t really paid it much attention, but when I took a proper look one day toward the end of March, I realised that so much of it had already started to happen. Working through the workbook and creating my vision board had really become a compass for my year and was guiding my decisions and actions without me noticing.

Since waking-up and becoming aware, I see how putting something out into the universe with intention and then, importantly, taking action, had effortlessly moved me to achieve what I set out to achieve. There were other things along the way that also helped me to turn my vision board into reality and I will share these with you in my next blog.


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