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About a year ago, I began keeping a gratitude journal. When I remembered, I wrote down things that I was grateful for. Usually a few evenings every week. To be begin with, I was just writing and it was a useful way of seeing my life in a positive way.

Since then, I have progressed my gratitude routine. I now write between three and five things that I am grateful for every morning and every evening, but the valuable change has been in my mindset. I am really very grateful for the things that I write down. I feel them again, I stop and realise all the amazing things that I have in my life and the wonderful things, some very small, some immense that I connect with every day. I write down those things.

I do this in my journal (more of this next time). I write in the mornings: ‘This morning I am so happy and grateful that…’ and in the evenings: ‘This evening I am so happy and grateful that…’.

This morning’s entry went like this:

This morning I am so happy and grateful that…

  • I have had such a positive week at work this week, with several new opportunities for areas of growth that will help the people in our city
  • I now have five days where I am not working
  • We are off on an adventure to return to our Gaia Tribe
  • It is raining today, so the trees and plants will be refreshed and it will add to their beauty.

I wanted to include some gratitude for the rain. So often we feel that the rain is a negative thing in our lives, an inconvenience. I imagined what would happen if we didn’t have rain – we wouldn’t be here. What kind of life would we have if it hardly ever rained? What is better becuase it is raining? I am grateful that it is raining.

A short post this week. I am grateful to you for reading it, thank you. I hope you found something of value to you from doing so. I look forward to connecting with you again.

Wishing you love and light.


Next week I would like to share with you how embracing a morning rhythm has enhanced my life, share what I include in mine and encourage you to try one too.

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