Rhythm of the day

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In this weeks blog, I thought I would share how having a rhythm to my day, in particular to my morning, has transformed the way my days unfold and therefore how I live my life.

About six months ago, I began to get up a little earlier every day in order to meditate. I discussed how I created a mindfulness meditation habit in my previous post. The real change to my mornings began about three months ago whilst following a Mindset Mastery programme with the amazing Holly Luton from IGO yoga. In order to follow this new rhythm I get up at about 6am. It is a glorious time to get up, when I first began, I waking up with the birds, as the sang their dawn chorus, and as the sun began to rise. Currently, the birds and the sun are up too early for me at about 4:30am. So lately I have been savouring the warmth of the morning sun shining on my morning yoga routine it is a powerful feeling when practicing sun salutations with the sun warming your body, penetrating to every cell, and being able to actually feel it without having to visualise it!

So, my morning rhythm begins with a glass of water followed by yoga. Sun salutations, beginning slowly to stretch my body after a night in bed. Then a couple of rounds using my breath to guide each separate movement. Then some core strengthening exercises to help one of my weakest areas. Then I sit with my trusted journal, I begin with gratitude, writing down what I am grateful for this moring. Then I write the 5 key things I want to achieve during the day. Then I write down what my goals are for the mid and longer term. I then write a more detailed plan for my day, this helps me to ensure that I achieve what is important to me rather than being sidelined.  I repeat my affirmations and sometimes do a visualisation. Finally, I end my morning session with a mindfulness meditation. I sometimes sit in silence and listen to my heart. As Courtney Carver says in her book ‘Soulful Simplicity’ “listen to your heart, she knows the real you, trust the answers”.

I love the end of the meditation that reminds me to know what you are going to do next and take the intention of the meditation with you, take the feeling with you into your day. It is a little space that you can dip back into during the day to help you. It only takes a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath. That moment can help you respond rather than react or feel calm rather than anxious.

I have a shorter rhythm at the end of my day too. I take to my journal and write about my gratitude for things through the day. I write something that I have ‘won’ at and something that may have been a lesson to help me. I have added some new questions recently. I ask myself what acts of kindness did I undertake today, what new connections did I make, what did I do mindfully and what did I savour. These questions help me to live my life more intentionally. I don’t always have answers!


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