Living my Happiness year

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I mentioned in a previous post about creating a vision board following the Year Compass workshop. Like many, I thought vision boards were all about dreams of owning an expensive car, sticking it on the fridge, look at it every day and eventually your dream would become a reality.

In some ways, the vision board I created begins with the same premise. However, there is of course more science (and possibily a dash of magic) to creating and a vision board and making it a reality. It is about living an intentional year, five years, life. You put down in pictures and words what you want to ensure that you focus on through the year and then because it serves as a reminder every day, of what you want to work towards, it reminds you to take action toward your goals. ‘Thoughts become things’ I hear my mindset mastery coach telling me. I now find that I ‘waste’ less of my precious time.

I am sharing my vision board with you; another way of ensuring that you take action towards what you want in your life is to say it out loud, it makes it real and now you can help to hold me accountable for doing what I said that I would do.

My vision board contained the following elements:

My word for the year was happiness. Then my vision board was broken down into different areas of my life where I wanted to focus and that would help me to feel happier and contented, knowing that I had lived this year intentionally and having achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I realise that this is unfolding now that I look back after five months.

The areas I wanted to focus on were:

My family. I wanted to spend more time having fun together. I put pictures of candles, outdoor fires, camping, a picture of three little girls walking arm in arm (this represented spending more time with my two sisters), I also put a picture of two Border Terriers, I wanted to spend more time focussed on them.

Nature. Pictures of sunsets, walking, cycling, sea and trees. I wanted to spend more time being out in nature. I had noticed that for the past couple of years, I had spent more time indoors than ever before in my life. Time on the internet or watching television or doing housework chores.

Explore and expand my horizons. Along the same theme, my life had become quite small. I worked hard, came home and spent time inside. I wanted to spend more time on the south coast where most of my family are and where I was born and left at the age of 37. I wanted to take part in different activities, travel and be braver. Even walk the South Downs Way.

Moving toward my 5 year plan. To own a yurt again, move house, learn new ideas and skills and undertake research toward a business or different job. Amongst these might be coaching, therapy, happiness, play, nurturing and nature.

Nurturing myself. I found pictures to accompany words such as; Nurture, nourish, minduflness, yoga, water, noursihing food, exercise, mind, body and soul.

Community and Work. These are interchangeable as my work involves Wolverhampton communities. Make:shift, Action for Happiness, Eden Communities, Participatory City and active communities.

Finally, my house. I wrote that I wanted to create a beautiful inside and outside in my home and garden. Hang those pictures of the family that are hidden away. Inject some love and attention into the spaces that we live in and often take for granted and don’t even notice.

I wasn’t sure whether or how any of these things would manifest. But after a few months, I looked back and realised that they were definitely happening! I will share how these have manifested themselves in further posts.

Perhaps you would like to create a vision board to help you manifest and intentional year ahead.


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