Last weekend, it was finally time to indulge in the wonderful Resurgence Summer Camp. My excitement had been slowly building over the past few weeks. I have often wanted to attend this camp, but had never managed it, until that is the long awaited Friday, 13th July. Luckily for me, 13th is a number I love and Friday, 13th gives me a great excuse to feel a little smug becuase it holds no attachment to anything other than another day, another opportunity.

So, feeling like an intrepid adventurer, I packed the car with camping gear and drove down to the amazing Green and Away tented conference centre in Bransford, midway between Worcester and Malvern. On arrival, I was greeted by a lovely young woman from Spain with a wheelbarrow. Yes, cars are not allowed on site and all my gear had to be loaded onto the wheelbarrow and wheeled unceremoniously down a rocky footpath which led to the green fields of Green and Away.

The scene which greeted me, confirmed my decision. I had made an excellent choice, as part of my exploring year, hoops festooned in hanging ribbons created a welcoming entrance, a little like a guard of honour for a bride and groom.

Before long Marina and I had erected my tent and just as it was complete, my friends arrived with wheelbarrows full of equipment and the whole process began again. Fuelled by tea and cake from the tea tent, we went back to our tents to prepare for a swim in the river Teme. The heavens opened for the first time in a while and thunder and lightening accompanied us on our search for a safe way to climb down to the water. My intrepid friend Sarah, was determined and was about to slide down a very steep, mud-slide, where a path had once been, when her daughter and I decided that enough was enough and we were not quite as adventurous – or stupid – as we first thought.

However, I am pleased to say that for the rest of the weekend, the sun shone and I was able to partake in not only my first, but also my second every wild swim in the aforementioned river. I think I may already be hooked into the idea of wild swimming and I am now keen to find other sites to visit.

Resurgence has always been about challenging our thinking and education and this year’s Summer Camp was no exception. From Oliver Tickell talking about marine plastic pollution to Julian Abel sharing his story of Frome’s Compassionate Communities project. There was fabulous music and dancing to the very talented threesome that make-up Mobius Loop. From calls to action in the Hemp Redemption song, through to heartfelt harmonisation on Children Learn. The rest of the camp was made up of yoga, workshops, tea, cake, glorious vegetarian food, poetry and lots of lovely sunshine. Did I mention the wild swimming?

On the last day, the very informed Jojo Mehta shared her joint vision with Polly Higgins, together I imagine them to be an unstoppable force, of Mission Life Force – Justice for the Earth. Polly, who gave up her very successful career once said “I have a choice: to protect our Earth or to let it be destroyed. For me it is unconscionable to walk away.” After hearing Jojo talk of their hope of making Ecocide an international crime at the international crime court. I couldn’t wait to come home and sign-up as a Trustee of their new ‘organisation’. Read more and if you are moved to please sign-up and offer your voice and support to this important aim for our planet.

So, home again after a thought provoking, mind expanding, enjoyable, sunny and deeply satisfying long weekend. I am already looking forward to next year!

Who knows, perhaps we may meet up there – fancy joining me for a swim?